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Acero - Carlos Fuentes

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School Profile

Fuentes, opened in 2006, serves nearly 600 students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Fuentes focuses on student advocacy and personal growth and offers a flexible learning environment with 1:1 technology access.  Reading and math attainment scores reached the 75th and 70th percentiles in 2017, reflecting a rigorous curriculum and structured learning environment.


At Fuentes, the Arts and Physical Education are core components of study for all students. Additionally, middle school students have access to Enrichment courses of their choice and are eligible to play in a variety of sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball and flag football). After school programming is also available for K-8 with clubs such as Running Club, Ukulele Club, Yoga, Novel Writing Club, Acapella Club and many others. 


At Acero Schools, our mission is transforming minds through academic empowerment and success. We provide a strong academic foundation for students at the elementary level to help them master the fundamental skills necessary for success in high school and beyond.